100 x 100 - 45 x 45 - 16 x 16 ua sq.jpg

Set up in minutes, not hours.

- No quick pins to insert
- No cables to pull
- No straps to pull
- No sliding tubes together
- No toggle locks
- No flip latches
- No Velcro holding tubes
- No Velcro holding latches

Patent pending Cam-Loc quick connects and Ulti-Loc frame connectors.

- Our patent pending Cam-Loc quick connects are not “copies” of other manufacturers. They are a completely new, purpose-built design requiring no quick pins, cables or straps to pull.

- Our patent pending Ulti-Loc frame connectors eliminate the need for quick pins, cables, straps, sliding tubes together, toggle latches or Velcro to connect and hold tubes together.

High-end digital HD graphics, even on dark fabric and mesh.

If you do not have the Ultimate Awning, you do not have the quickest set up awning in the industry.

When your time is valuableᵀᴹ, choose the Ultimate Awning.

- Disrupting the mobile awning industry -

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100 x 100 - 45 x 45 - 16 x 16 ua sq.jpg

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