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Made in the USA

  • Set up in minutes

  • See How It Works here

  • View Palm Beach Dyno set up video here (8:40-16:53)

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Set up in Minutes



  • NO cables to pull

  • NO quick pins to insert

  • NO sliding tubes together

  • NO velcro holding tubes

  • NO toggle locks

  • NO down spouts

Patent pending billet Cam-Loc quick connects, Ulti-Loc frame connectors and Ulti-Drains

  • Our patent pending Cam-Loc quick connects are not “copies” of other manufacturers. They are a completely new, purpose-built design requiring no quick pins, cables or straps to pull.

  • Our patent pending Ulti-Loc frame connectors eliminate the need for quick pins, cables, straps, sliding tubes together, toggle latches or velcro to connect and hold tubes together.

  • Our patent pending Ulti-Drains are a completely new, purpose-built side exit design with no down spouts or need to deploy in order to function properly.

High-end digital HD graphics, even on dark fabric and mesh.

Contact us today to find out how our motorsport solutions can help you protect what matters most in your industry - your TIME, your PERSONNEL and your PRODUCTS

When your time is valuable®

Ultimate Awning

- Disrupting the On-Demand shelter industry -




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